Love #23: Insights


Bitter sweet reflections of the night
All romancing love coined new and bright
turns dependable dull with use and time
Is rememberancing our only birth right?
When once we felt real fire ignite

Copyright Dark Aelf, 2021 

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Anonymous said…
Even the brightest fire will die if you don't stoke the flames. It needs constant tending to, and be fed. Just like every other living thing, when neglected and taken for granted,love will wither and die.
Peter Quinton said…
Dear Anonymous (brightest fire)
Indeed. However, i would add the caveat noted by the priestess Diotima of Mantinea when she told Socrates that love is changeable. By nature, love is neither mortal nor immortal, but alive and flourishing at one moment, apparently dead at another, and then suddenly reignited. The seasons of love fluctuate like the course of a great stream, sometimes replenished by rain, sometimes draining to the sea - but always full of potential.
Thank you for your insight.

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