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Dragons Eye II: Elsie's Fire

This is a continuation of the Dragon Eye series I first published on G+ a couple of years ago and which is being written here. Copyright Dark Aelf, 2021-24 Touch the spinning thread of destiny Rejoice the portion racing past your fingertips Relish your life in fair wonder with others  Until the great destroyer takes us back whence we came Prequel Day One On the first day, as the Guardian washed fire from my wounds, I dreamed of hills. When I was three, an older friend and I climbed a tall haystack and spent an afternoon trying to work out what a hill would be like. Neither of us had seen one, but she was four and had been to far-off Nyngan and thought we might be able to see one from the top of the stack. I was a little bit worried about the adventure because she had unexpectedly kissed me the day before. But I wanted to find out about hills, so I threw caution to the wind. I need not have worried. When we could not see a hill, we lay on top of the stack, hand in hand, and imagined wha

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