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New: Free Download of DragonsEye Volume One
Free Download of 50 Images of the Sublime, fine art of SE Australian waterfalls

Writing in Progress

Watch these stories as they get written:

Love - Short Stories    (Exploring love and lovers)
Catalyst                       (Time passages)
Dragons Eye II            (The story of Jon, Kathy and Anthem - Fantasy and Space Opera)
Frejya Cycle                (The Seven Stories of the World)
Storm's Cycle              (The story of Storm)
In Praise of Summer   (Nine generations of Australian women)
Letters                         (In the style of Pliny)
Ancora Io                    (The Final Days of Libraries)
Last Knight                 (The (real) story of the knights Arthur gathered, and lost, as the world burned.)

Stories/Media on this Site

Read, listen or watch short stories or novels not yet published in book form:


The Candle Maker (Short Story)
Wild Nettles (Short Story)
Trim (Short Story)
Of the Night Fall (Short Story)
Freyja (Seven stories of the World) (Novel)
An Australian Wedding (Short Story)
The Kormak and Steingerd Cycle (Collection, Short Stories)
The Law of Innkeepers (Short Story)
The Long Tailor (Collection, Short Stories)
Troublesomebooks (short Story)
Recipe Book: Catherine Victoria Edmonstone (Australian Farm-house Recipes)
Poetry (Collection, Short Stories)
Cliff Side (Short Story)


Free Wall Paper (Images)
The New Adventures of Vampire Girl (Animations)

Published Stories

Over the past couple of years, i have published a number of novels including:

  • DragonsEye, 
  • Ancora Tu, 
  • Catalyst, 
  • Three Wishes and 
  • Looking for Spring. 

I have teamed with the New York artist CR Bravo to develop

  • Twilight of the Gods, 
  • The New Adventures of Vampire Girl and 
  • Dream Chocolate. 

I have written a couple of reference works:

  • Wild Falls of SE Australia
  • Lessons (contemporary civil law). 

These books are available through Amazon under the Dark Aelf Publishing Label. Come visit for a taste of the fun (except for Lessons, which i wrote to torture lawyers with).

Author: Peter Quinton

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