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Touch the spinning thread of destiny
Rejoice the portion racing past your fingertips
Relish your life in fair wonder with others 
Until the great destroyer takes us back whence we came

This is a continuation of the Dragons Eye series. (I expect it will take about 100 parts to tell this story. For those who have not read Dragons Eye I, digital versions will be gifted to those reading this sequel over the next couple of weeks.) 

Copyright Dark Aelf, 2021

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 Cycle One

            Jon (Tallaganda)
           Anthem (South Island, New Zealand)
           Kathy (Waterworld around the Gas Giant Farsigh)
  • 15 Sky Yacht Dreaming
  • 16 The Schemes of Wrath and Women
  • 17 Gnostic Threads
  • 18 Tallaganda Nights
  • 19 Ice Cliffs of TerrorFar
Cycle Two

Background essays/stories 

This is an index to the novel Dragons Eye II, which is being written here. What you are reading is not the completed novel. Instead, you are looking over my work-desk, with fragments laid out in rough order as i write them.

Most people I know, and perhaps you, do not believe in dragons. The further they live away from the dragons, the less they believe. But when you live up the road and across the valley from one, it is a different matter. When I draw a little picture of one on the maps I give people to show them how to get to my farm without getting eaten, it is best to stay clear of the areas with the dragons.  

Given our druthers, we might all prefer to live at a distance from dragons. Tolkien once spelled out his own preferences: "I desired dragons with a profound desire. Of course, I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the neighborhood... But the world that contained even the imagination of F√°fnir was richer and more beautiful, at whatever cost of peril.”

Just exercise a little care: not all dragons have wings and scaly legs. Some look just like you or me. Some still like sitting on gold, but others have changed habits. These days some seek their gold hordes by stalking the halls of power.

I write books for fun, eh. In a language you should understand, but which is neither English nor American nor Australian or New Zealandish (yeah, nah... ok?). If you are interested in watching a book being written and will not be offended by the spelling conventions, read on. I will publish new pieces of the story every couple of days. 


  • Jon: A farmer living near the Tallaganda Wilderness. 
  • Kathy: A horse trainer living in an old stone house near Jon, with her daughter Storm.
  • Anthem: A security analyst who used to live in New York.
  • Breddi: a big black and white fluffy cat. Not quite a Maine Coon Cat, but close.
  • Waylander and Blanket: rough and tumble cats from Jon's farm (missing).
  • Storm: A young horse trainer, who grew up in the region, and knows stuff.
  • Lieutenant Casey (Janice ): One tour in Afghanistan with experience providing domestic support during bushfires, she is leading a platoon on the Western side of the Tallaganda.
  • Letnan Dua Sijabat (Gunadi): A young officer from the Indonesian Airforce assigned to assist Lieutenant Casey. From a highland farm in Java, his parents are both doctors.
  • Solstice: an aelf
  • Growl, Wander and Belle: Wraiths from a water-world of Farsigh
  • Bob: New Zealand drifter, partner of Belle
  • Teathyme: An aelf, and friend of Storm.
  • Fire and Ice: the unborn children of Jon and Anthem
  • Elsie: a Maroi girl who finds Anthem
  • Hana: Elsie's mother, living near the hospital park in Christchurch



Thanks to all those of you who are quietly logging in and reading this sequel. Please feel free to comment (please be aware that comments are delayed here a day or so to prevent us all from being exposed to spam). 
I learned a great deal from my friend Terry Patchett - who would go out of his way to sit and talk about his writing, encouraging all those who thought to take up the lonely art, but also engaging and building a story through the laughter and thoughts of many.



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