Love #11: Only we dream

Imagine a dance. 

There is no harm in setting aside preconceptions and dancing for a little while. Perhaps... a younger brother of a distant friend who explores jungles in South America, and who cares for neither ties nor suitcases. 

To dance is not to deceive, it is part of the process of being within the world. 

But, returning to your table, you leave with the knowledge that you have already taken a step along a different path. 

We can conceive of a perfect partner - lover, life partner, homemaker, father, innocent and wanton, likewise rigid and flexible. 

But, neither we nor our dreams are perfect. And the list of those things desirable contain opposites. We wish for innocence but desire the profane. We wish for faithfulness and find a litany of lies and deceits. 

The world does not care about our dreams. Only we dream.

So do we presume lies and deceits and shut our eyes in the hope of stumbling on innocence? Shutting eyes and trusting in the gods has never worked real well. 

Truth is, we live a long time. A long time. Second, minutes and hours and days into which every conceivable temptation and doubt may be poured. So is the answer some painstaking 24 hour a day surveillance with eyes open? But keeping eyes open has never stopped the mischief of gods nor men.

Again you remember the dance, and again. Was it deliberate error or simple mistake to smile. 

Is this what everybody wants? 

Is it what the gods intend? 

Or is it just a dream.

Image: WOMAD, The Dance

Copyright Dark Aelf, 2021 

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