Neville Falls, Thurra River

To the north-east of the town of Cann River, on the nearby Thurra River, an access road once crossed the top of a waterfall called 'Neville'. Old photos of Neville show a vehicle driving across the top of the rock wall comprising the falls.

The fall is surprisingly well-named.

All of us once had an acquaintance called Neville: the distant friend who invites you to a party with the promise of great music and awesome drinks, but the directions are a bit vague and while looking for the place you run foul of the local policeman and get booked for not wearing a seatbelt. The waterfall of Neville is true to type. While marked optimistically accessible on a flat map, the terrain turns out unexpectedly vertical, there are fallen trees (and black snakes) across the road at regular intervals, and you are finally stopped by an old bridge with the decking rotted out. To add injury to insult, the sharp road will pierce your tyres, and when you start to change them, the jack will gradually sink into the ground, while the temperature rises to 106 F.

Access to the falls is impossible from the west of Thurra river - good luck to anyone trying the east routes, but perhaps it would be better to hunt for a more reliable party.

Image: an unnamed bridge across an unnamed creek unmarked on any map, high in the mountains north of Cann River, looking for Neville.

(Apologies to anyone here called Neville.)


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