Never-Never III: Wulgulmerang Creek


I am asked, from time to time, how to get to Wulgulmerang. The path to this part of the Never-Never passes close to Mount Seldom Seen and the lichen falls of the Little River Cascades. The mid-basin falls come alive after rain, but rain makes the perilous path to this point a risky proposition. Most who do come this way spend most of their time watching the edge rather than what lies beyond the drop.

The Wulgulmerang, a tributary of the Snowy River, once made the mistake of coming a bit too close to the Little River Gorge, and it tumbled down the cliff faces with no chance of return to the high plateaus. Instead, it now joins the other mountain streams in their headlong exile to McKillops Bridge and the roller coaster river path through the Tulloch Ard to Balley Hooley.

If ever you are tempted to travel to the Wulgulmerang, make sure your affairs are in order and your will is in safe hands. Even if you return, you will never be the same.


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