Dreams VIII - Warnings

In the swirl of dreams, a heart beat out of synch and a moment of sharp blood-sugar clarity like a valid path suddenly blinked open.

We were sitting on the deck of an airship, watching the clouds pass far below us. 

The moment of certainty passed, and I felt lost.

You were telling me something. Something important.

You were telling me about an old lady you knew. Old but dangerous. You went to her farm in a valley of the South Island of New Zealand, to be healed and... and something else. 

She warned you:

Walking among us are powerful creatures. 

From a distance, they look ordinary. 

They have friends, lovers, and children. 

But when you look you can feel the air shimmer around them. 

Near them, reality starts to liquefy. 

Close up, reality changes to match their whim.

The more powerful, the larger the area they influence. 

To them, they draw the entire wealth of the world. 

These are the dragons, the princes of industry and the queens of state that impoverish the worldmind with empty imaginings and who are the cause of most suffering.

You cannot kill a dragon. 

You cannot resist the touch of a dragon’s smile, eyes or words. 

And you should resist it with every ounce of your being. 

But in the end, all you can do is not become one.

[prequel DragonsEye II]

Note on dragons:
Most people I know do not believe in dragons. The further they live away from the dragons, the less they believe. But when you live up the road and across the valley from one, it is a different matter. When I draw a little picture of one on the maps I give people to show them how to get to my farm, it means something.


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