Line Art: Jerarra Falls

A series of 50 fine art drawings of waterfalls is being prepared for publication in a couple of days. These are intended for coloring, copying and use in classrooms.

As with the earlier publication, the first edition of this book is free here before being printed and distributed to book stores through Amazon.

First Edition - Sepia Version

FREE The first edition of the Sepia Collection is now available for FREE download for the next few days. This is intended as an accompanying book to “Fifty Visions of the Sublime”, and may be used in a couple of different ways - with water-paints, pencils or ink on a number of different media. If you are pleased with the outcome, let us know, and we will publish them here to encourage others to engage with the wilderness around us.


ARC said…
Your talent knows no bounds,this has come up beautifully.
Peter Quinton said…
Thanks Al Chris - I met some great artists on G+. They deserve the credit.
For a while now i have been doing these for a couple of schools here and overseas.

I have put the sepia art altogether here -

and the color art here -

so that kids have a free resource and some guidance in color selection :)

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