Winter Skyline: Brindabella and Tidbinbilla Ranges, Canberra

A recent lockdown has confined me to tramping areas close to my farm. One unexpected find has been the discovery of a nearby high vantage from which i can explore the ranges to the west of Canberra. 

From my vantage, familiar mountains take a different form, combining and morphing into different shapes. In the first image, Black Mountain Tower, which sits high above the capital Canberra, is brought to ground, against the foreground of Balcombe Hill and the Tallesin Hills.

Swinging south we come to the Brindabella Ranges in the background with the lower peaks of the Tidbinbella Range in the foreground - include Mr Aggie, Mt Franklin, Mt Ginini, and Mt Gingera.

Until we come to the recognizable Bimberi Peak dwarfing a stone capped peak in the right foreground.

Further South, we catch a glimpse of the Alps (perhaps Mt Murray?).

I have updated this post with a panorama of the Range, and tentatively allocated names to the strip - still working on confirming bearings and allocations :/


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