Poetry (Short Stories)

My poetry is best consumed after 3 or 4 4 or 5 vodkas. Or more. Don't blame me if you read the below without taking this simple precaution.


Loves fiery embrace
sears foil'd dreams and past mistakes
exposing our souls


Running together,
Playing forever – 'neath soft
Spring dappled sunlight

Eye - I 

In my eye your fire; 
moon rider gifting life hue; 
Tear-fall, free you fly 

Eye - II 
Moon rider your fire 
In my eye, your heartbeat: 
Tear-fall, free you fly 


Once we were friends - 
travelling far side by side 
with the magic of us 

Yes, once friends - now more 
in the cool of our night and 
the touch of delight 


Terrible power
Through her ruin’d eyes roil’d -
Killed him there she could


Bleeding back into
This other world unbidden -
Cold eyes staring


Palerang - silent menace ageless sleeps
Stirring now as mountain storm vengence seeks
Kaditcha man shadow dancing chanting
Turns her hate timeless and instead she weeps

Her tears falling gather here at our camp
A secret pool high on Palerang damp
Wood fire reflected in crystal waters
Horses, shuffle, I am drawn to the bank

Dangerous place these tears of agony
Spirit victims drifting here restlessly
My face lit from below, thousands of stars
See the dancers, touching eternity

Smoke drifting chant lifting summons the past
Perfect mirror glowing soft illusion cast
A breeze plays on the surface suddenly
The failed dreams of a thousand lovers past

A tear forms unbidden softly falling
My own regrets and losses remembering
Horses snicker at far away thunder
Mists swirling smoke drifting dreams forming

My mind drifts a far distant pool recalling
Saleen darts flat wet hair surfacing
Quiet we walked there together as friends
We left there as lovers heart trust holding

Standing together different trouble
Beauwulf parries and thrusts, desparate struggle
Quiet healing you send, smiling my name
Enemies fiece, but your touch so subtle

Heeding your call I reach for your hand
Cold water shocks me awake on the sand
But in the ripples I see your face smiling
And your sweet laughter echoes over the land


In my loneliness
unexpected and unsought
a gift so touching

Been 'in love' before
felt passion's grip wax then wane
but now - here - so sweet

I dont understand
I cant fathom it at all
so deep these waters run


Frozen forever
one sweet moment together
heart gift dearest one


From high circling hawk
sharp wind catches your being
curled warm in your chair

Here, I see past days 
Snow flake warming in your hair 
As mist takes my eye

Peter Quinton

All rights reserved (after all - you didnt send me any of the vodka).


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