Snowy Basin Falls (Lower - Brodribb Catchment)

The country around the Snowy River and its tributaries can be difficult to access, even nearer the coast. The fractured escarpments and deep rainforests of the Brodribb River, the risk of mosquitoes and sinkholes adds a whole new dimension of risk.

Youngs Creek Falls

Youngs Creek Falls (from basin)
Most bush towns have a couple of reserves for the local kids to go explore, trip over branches, swim at in summer heat, and learn to kiss their sweetheart at. Although Orbost is on the banks of the mighty Snowy River, it is no exception.

Youngs Creek Falls (from basin)

A little to the north, in the precinct of an old forestry operation, Young Creek falls down the escarpment. There are lots more falls near and far, but this is far enough away from town and close enough to ride a horse or risk your first car to go explore.

Youngs Creek Falls (from top looking down to basin) 

These days it is in the wrong direction for tourists who are heading with determination to the beauty of Cape Conran so it is slowly fading back into the past.

Little Cabbage Creek Falls

Slowly the great tors are being eaten away, particle by particle, by lichen and moss.


Don't come here without investing in some serious anti-mosquito gear. 

This is a small forestry sanctuary, with a short trail to the falls.

Falls Creek

A stunning walk through a well maintained track in rain forests above Falls Creek to a series of cascades and small waterfalls at the memorial. The memorial honours Peter Geary (1957-1999), a scientist who championed Silviculture, feature of many of the test plantings and practices in the forests in this area.


Devils Hole, Lake Tyers

In Lake Tyers, close to the tourist resort and fishing fleet town of Lakes Entrance, comes a story of another type of water fall, with terrible consequences. But that is a story for another day.

The story is linked to another ancient location, the Den of Nargun, some distance away.


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