Sylvia Falls Valley of the Waters, Blue Mountains NP Master Class Series

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#49 Celebrate Waterfall Series

I spent a lot of time in the Valley of the Waters, until a tragic rock fall in late 2017 closed the trails. The trails remain closed below Empress Falls.

The trail below Empress Falls follows a steep cascade down into the chasm, passing a number of different waterfalls, including Sylvia. As you get closer to the base, it slowly opens into a multitude of small chutes and fans against a backdrop of cliffs and further sudden drops.

Image: I initially processed this for computer screens, post developing with VSCO Fuji Velvia 100 Landscape which 'posterised' the image by accentuating dark areas and balanced the bright water splash, lower rock colors and pockets of ferns.
I have reprocessed the image, avoiding the VSCO toolset (which is good in some situations), and instead developing the shadows in the rock face and slightly desaturating the bright colors on the flat rocks of this fall (these are quite pretty, but with this composition, distracting).

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Ben Guiry: Lovely photo.
Peter Quinton: 
Ben Guiry Thanks Ben, appreciated :)

Karen Schumacher: I am so going to miss your images.
Peter Quinton: Karen Schumacher i will remember.

kay simpson: Its wonderful Peter so pretty  the way it cascades down the rock face would be wonderful to see it your so lucky  thankyou for sharing all your beautiful photographs here and information i am really going to miss your post here my friend i would love this for my wallpaper on my tablet i don't have a computer i am not good with technology will be checking back to see all the rest before it shuts down here cheers 🙂💕
Peter Quinton: kay simpson you are welcome to use it as wallpaper :)  (if it is the wrong size for your device - give me your device name and i will produce you something that will work. A little while ago, i released a bunch of wall-papers for free: they are at - HD Images, wall papers
kay simpson: Hi Peter thankyou so much that is so kind much appreciated  

Zsuzsanna Rozsnyai: WONDERFUL
Peter Quinton: Thank you Zsuesanna!

Wendy Chandler: There's something special  about multiple falls like this; not only fascinating to watch but they can be musical too. Lovely shot Peter.
Peter Quinton: Wendy Chandler i still remember the first time i climbed down the side of this fall. The path was becoming detached from the cliff face - but i had to keep going.

Anthony Anderson: Such a beautiful place. Looks very peaceful.
Peter Quinton: Anthony Anderson Thanks mate :) The pool at the bottom of the fall is balanced on the edge of the cliff - in that place the water finds peace from the tumult on either side. It is a good place to take rest for a moment.
Anthony Anderson: Peter Quinton Sounds like my kind of place. Peaceful and quiet. Nothing but the sound of water and nature.

madelene jeffery: I really enjoyed all of your amazing photos, it's an amazing country you live in.. Thank you for sharing and posting them again.. Well, a few lol.. Cheers mate!!! This one is so beautiful.... 
Peter Quinton: thanks +madelene jeffery i have loved your work - i hope one day to see you publish your black and white images in book form :)
madelene jeffery: Peter Quinton wow, do you really.... That's great to hear, I feel very honored... Thank you so much.. Very kind of you, but then again you are very kind and helpful with all questions and requests here, I  think that's so great of you, because you seem to have so much to do, but still take time to answer and help... Such a great quality.... Thank you.. Kind regards Madelene 

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Author: Peter Quinton
Date Published: 2019-02-24
Date Last Revised: 2019-03-22


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