Ghosting Mermaid Pool Falls, The Shaky Place

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#47, Celebrate Waterfalls Series

This ancient birthing place on the flat shelf above Mermaid Pool in the Narregarang (the Shaky Place) holds many secrets. The pool beneath the falls is deep and wide, created by an earthquake within the remembrance of the first people.

Image: I wanted to do something a little different with this image, as the original image was so recent.
Along with other cameras, i bring my iPhone on shoots with me. I like using it to take shap-shots so i have time and position stamped images to load up to Google Maps. It is also a fast way of taking video.
Here i have captured 3 images from the video using Adobe Premier CC, a couple of fractions of a second apart and then slightly overexposed one and underexposed a second. I then HDR processed the three images exploring the effect of overlaying the variations of water splash. This process is called ghosting. Having set one image as the key image, i was able to superimpose splash and simulate splash through different  exposure times. This published image uses all the 'ghost' material.
If you go to a special place - take a little video with your phone and save it. Shortly you may find simple apps that let you extract good quality shots without the need for expensive gear and complex software.
iPhone image extracted from video, processed with HDR using all ghost material.

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Wendy Chandler: I think any living creature would give birth faced with the prospect of  getting in this place! Nonetheless it's a stunning shot Peter.
Peter Quinton: Wendy Chandler :)  upstairs is pretty nice actually - lots of balconies, cool running water, spas with variable settings and tons of shelters. It beats a lot of the maternity wards i have seen.

Chris Sutton: Peter Quinton Cool shot Peter, and beautifully processed. How did you access the total views of your work, I've never seen that apart from the time when views were displayed on profiles.
Peter Quinton: Chris Sutton :) thanks mate. i have written it up at: - Looking inside your G+ archive
Almost unbelievably, there is a massive amount of hidden useful data inside the archives. And the html code reads like a history of the world, full of drama, the snatching of first children, the death of urban cowboys, santa clause and the ten bad elves and, well, enough for a couple of novels.
(before taking up law i ran a games company and learnt to write most languages spaghetti like - when the internet came along, the ACT Attorney General got me to run the government web site for a year - we were one of the first, just behind Bath and Malta - as well as my day job rewriting a lot of the laws) - sadly you never forget, and i have never improved :)
Zeljka Rakocy: A m a z i n g !!!! 
Peter Quinton: Zeljka Rakocy i have experimented a little further - the more video shots i add to the HDR process, the closer the shot gets to a really sharp long exposure.  I guess it is a bit like sampling :)
Eleftheria K: Stunning... ...and next time I visit this beautiful country of yours...I will definitely use some of your footprints you have shared with us in GoogleMaps... :))
Peter Quinton: Eleftheria K. Thanks mate :)  Likewise i hope!  
Sailang Raksam Marak: Right place for the mermaids to be! 
Peter Quinton: Sailang Raksam Marak the mermaids watch over the pool  (see the water stains on the cliff wall :) )

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Author: Peter Quinton
Date Published: 2019-02-24
Date Last Revised: 2019-03-22


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