Nellies Glen Budderoo National Park

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#48, Celebrate Waterfall Series

An ancient waterhole: a pleasant set of rock pools and cascades above the precipitous Carrington Falls.

Image: The original published image was toned for contrast and had a slight yellow cast as i concentrated on tree roots and branches. In this reprocessed image, i have instead toned slightly for structure and then reworked the white balance to differentiate light timber, water and rock tones according to my field notes.

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Zsuzsanna Rozsnyai: Thank you very much Peter Quinton.Very very beautiful
Peter Quinton: Zsuzsanna Rozsnyai thank you !

James Williamson: Wow
Peter Quinton: James Williamson  with a little care, this is a fun place to play :)

Ben Guiry: Lovely, a place where one might sit and dream awhile.
Peter Quinton: Ben Guiry a good place to relax in the summer heat - with a camping round nearby. 

cuongthanh tran: beautiful
Peter Quinton: thank you :)  much appreciated.

Monique Helfrich: A water dream !
Peter Quinton: Monique Helfrich it is a lovely place to play :)

Oksana Szulhan: One of your best photos, +Peter Quinton
Peter Quinton: Oksana Szulhan this area has so many different forms - from the human sized to those it is difficult to find words for. I am glad you like this my friend :)
A couple of minutes walk we come to a different scene :/

Helen D. D.D
Good  Night !!!┊┊┊┊⚜️
┊┊┊☆🍃Happy  Time 🍃
┊☆ °Sweet Dreams 

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Author: Peter Quinton
Date Published: 2019-02-24
Date Last Revised: 2019-03-22


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