Wooden Ships


Rigging started on this one. I started it at about the same time as I started researching the issue of prosecutions against New South Wales Governors (particularly Bligh).  This involved a couple of weeks long service at the NSW State Library - where I got sidetracked one more time, reading Matthew Flinders logs and falling in love with Trim.

Bounty longboat

This is much more recent - and pretty big.  The design comes strongly recommended and has a good track record.


Clipper - cross section

I love building models - but they can take years to finish.

During the colder months, I can spend a little time working on them. Many years ago I started to build a very large model of the Cutty Sark from local timber. The plans I had were pretty poor in relation to the above deck detail, so I diverted to a work on a wooden cross section of the clipper (produced by IMAI) to better understand how to complete the larger model. The Cutty Sark was iron framed boat clad with wood, here the cross section I am building shows the main mast area with a load of tea sitting on a ballast of rock, with the mast towering above.

Taking pictures can identify areas to work on - here the lower deck load is going to need some straightening :)

By October last year I had completed the frame.

This year I am getting closer to finishing the model.

Cutty Sark

This scratch built Cutty Sark is made from local timbers which I hand milled.  There are about 1000 copper plates on this one.  One day I will finish the rigging (but for now, each time I look at it, I get trapped into looking at the copper plates).  

Gaff-rigged pilot cutter - Le Havre Yacht


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