Bemm Basin Falls East Gippsland

Like other East Gippsland River system is regarded as pristine, with little interference with nature forest cover and few introduced pests.
The Bemm has a modest 920 sq km catchment, joined by the Errinundra and Combienbar Rivers (upstream) and  an intermittent coastal lagoon at the ocean (Sydenham Inlet). The highlands drip rain forests in part, and there are large swaths of forests.
The rugged country and heavy load of scrub makes access to falls and rivers difficult.

Rouse Falls

In one of the high plateaus near the old forestry settlement of Glen Arte, cut by tributaries of the Snowy River, a hundred unseeable falls rain vertically from the rain forest cliffs. Alone, Rouse Falls tarries a while in full view.

Once, the foresters came to the falls to smoke their pipes after a hard day. Here, the young men talked of the life they might build up on the plateau, a life with views to die for and water for all. One crafted a small wooden bridge to ford a side fall when traversing the descent.
Generations have passed.Only we are here awake by the little bridge.But it has fallen rotten with the smoke dreams of the past, both lost in the heady rain forests of the high plateau.

A single shot from the side fall a couple of days ago (located on the misnamed 'Metal Tk' above Glen Arte - don't try this in rain, the road is a slippery dodgy affair). Toned for structure, color balanced and subdued (the rain forest greens are overpowering). Insects (and reptiles) are a major problem when photographing here - take a cricket bat for the mozzies (don't let them bite you - blood sends them into a killing frenzy).


To the north of Glen Arte, the forests dry, and plantations take the place of native forests.

Bemm Rapids, Sydenham Inlet

The river emerges from forest from time to time at road crossings.

A little upstream of Sydenham Inlet through rapids. There is a reserve set aside for the rapids, but the tracks have disappeared, and the rapids seem only accessible by water. 

The inlet itself is worth a wander (although local knowledge cautioned about shallow water vulnerable to winds and waves)


Cape Conran, Yeerung Canyon

Within the catchment, the Yeerung River runs to the sea through a small damp canyon with a couple of small falls.


Access is from Cape Conrad which, in summer, can temp with even the most hardened waterfall chaser into the warm waters of its enclosed lagoons.


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Author: Peter Quinton
Date Published: 2019-02-24
Date Last Revised: 2019-03-22


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