Tianjara Chasm (Mirror Falls) Budawang Wilderness - Master Class series

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#50, Celebrate Waterfall Series

This waterfall changes with the seasons. Here, i was lucky to catch it in 'mirror-mode' with water issuing from its normal source (left cave under the rock shelf) and the ancient spillway (right). The surface rocks appear solid but are fragile, honeycombed with small holes and channels.

Image: This was a handheld panorama of a burst of 8 shots. My field notes indicate that i used a radial filter to develop the faint light in the cave at the top left of the fall. I have reprocessed using a different white balance to tone out a slight blue cast in the original published photo, developed the detail inside shadows a little more and adopted a different perspective shape to use as much data as possible.

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Wendy Chandler: 'They don't know nothin' indeed' (dear me, a double negative!). This is a fabulous shot, needs no extravagant praise. It's wonderful to be given the chance to see, so many thanks Peter. Many thanks.
Peter Quinton: Wendy Chandler my legal training showing through there :)  I grew up on the edge of the deserts and learned to speak Australian first and English later :)  In Australian (and New Zealandish) , double negatives and in your face contradictions are an important survival tool - "Yeah, Nah, Bro".

Bev Turney: Peter Quinton thanks for all your great posts - will be sure to visit your website
Peter Quinton: Bev Turney I always enjoyed seeing your posts - hope the cold has passed you up there!
Bev Turney: Peter Quinton will continue on Instagram and Twitter (less so). A toasty 30 degrees F right now - better than the 1 degree (-17 C) of a few days ago. Tomorrow we will be above freezing 😊

Peter Quinton: Bev Turney Glad to hear things are warming up - even if it is just to freezing point :)  In Australia the news has been so focused on the big freeze in the US (and now Ireland, UK and Europe) that we here almost missed the fact that half of our country is on fire and the other half is about to go under water. Will keep an eye out on Instagram - a couple of the Australian photographers are heading that way :)

Ben Guiry: One step beyond.
Peter Quinton: To be sure :)

Gregory Bagshaw: Awesome.
Peter Quinton: Gregory Bagshaw :) i think of you when i come to this place

shonie Hutter: I am treading cautiously on pluspora. G+ people are being dispersed across so many sites! +Peter Quinton
Peter Quinton: shonie Hutter i hope you are saving your beautiful collections Shonie - they gave me a lot of pleasure.
shonie Hutter: Peter Quinton I've got no idea how to do that but will ask my son, much more computer savvy than I am~~~

Monique Helfrich: Peter Quinton the four years and more I was onG+ were great and happy. Your posts were an important part of that. Never to forget ¡
Trying MeWe, were I did find some contacts of G+. Will perhaps try also Instagram, to see  the photos of good photographers, migrating to that platform. 
Thanks for the advice. 
Peter Quinton: Monique Helfrich :) we had a lot of fun, and there is more mischief ahead :)
Demeter joined the diaspora in the first wave
Without a care, she left the old country wandering far as she pleased 
or as the moon drove her
Hungrily seeking out the dreamers and the dispossessed
Nature chasing her footfall
Time and time again, Demeter briefly touched an individual life, and then drifted on. She left ripples spinning as she moved towards her twilight. Some of the ripples splattered paint on canvas. Some struck keys on pianos and twisted into tune. Some sparked the children of the revolution, generations of nature boys and girls: the bohemians, the lebensreform, and the hippies. 
As she passed, those around her became enthralled for just that moment. They threw away thoughts of becoming bread makers or merchant bankers and instead came to her. They danced with flowers in their hair. 
Everywhere she went, spring was more vibrant, Fall more severe. But when she left, the world was always a sadder more desperate place. All those she left behind remembered the moment; a beautiful, wistful moment in the past, and spent their days trying to recreate it.
Monique Helfrich: Peter Quinton  so many moments to remember.... I count more years that I thought be able to live, and did dance several times with Demeter :-)). All these moments were unexpected.....
I know the way to your Web site ! 

Belinda Kamel/Köck: I will miss all your wonderful adventures and photos.  I wish you all the best. It was a pleasure meeting you here. Take care mate 😘😘
Peter Quinton: :) Thank you Belinda.  I believe you meet people for a reason, and you are living proof.

Stefania Origlia: verissimo!!!!!!!!!!******  grazie post fantastico!!! +Peter Quinton
Peter Quinton: grazie !!

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Author: Peter Quinton
Date Published: 2019-02-24
Date Last Revised: 2019-03-22


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