Love #35: Anthem


Anthem stopped for a moment and remembered. She felt the weight of the gold band circling her finger.

"Neither my sun nor any of those with which she dances will be captured by another star. For now, she remains single. But each encounter has left chaos as a new order reasserts itself. Like the breath of a lover, it echoes through time. It leaves distinctive scars."

Anthem bent forward, suddenly timeworn. Her eyes dimmed, touching every mind in the vast hall with a shard of fear.

She paused. For a moment she was in a different place. On a yacht, moored at night on a perfect mirror river, with stars glistening on the water surface. She was lying next to her lover. She was explaining to him she was pregnant and watching his eyes widen. In that one day confident of her strength and power. Just for one day.

Copyright Dark Aelf, 2021 

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