Trail: Mulloon Creek Source (Challenging, 1km loop, 40mins, 35m ascent)

Any adventurer soon discovers that there are a multitude of 'sources' for those creek you choose to follow into the wild. 

This source is quite pretty. A low soak with no surface water in normal times gives way to a gully surrounded by tree ferns that have recovered from the recent fires. At the to top the gully is a small deep pool fed by a dancing spring, gushing from beneath the soak. 

The gully continues, suddenly full of flowing surface water and surrounded by a forest of old fern trees.


Here, at the source, there are mixed signs of the impact of the fire. One of the larger fern trees has been hard hit by fire, while its neighbours seem to have faired better. The old curtain fronds that fold around the base of these have all been burned. 


Challenging, 1km loop, 40mins, 35m ascent

The path down follows old steep logging tracks to the creek. I rate this as challenging because it is likely to quickly become overgrown and very difficult to traverse.

Access is from the Palerang Fire Trail to the Bald Hill Fire Trail (which is deeply rutted at the western side of the track). The day before, it had snowed, and the tracks were a little slippery (and a reminder that the weather conditions can deteriorate here quickly). 

This area had been badly impacted by fire and while there is a lot of regrowth, the standing fire gutted trees are fragile and dangerous.


A trace of this short but steep track is at Gaia.

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