The Beast Afoot

Beasts come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. This is one of those ‘no matter where you go, i will find you’ beasts i once encountered along the Genoa River. Like mermaids, perhaps surprisingly, these make excellent swimmers.

As a general policy, i think it best to shut your eyes and swim on when you encounter a mermaid (unless it be a sceadugenga in which case time is of the essence). 

And, even so, you will be troubled by regrets for doing so, all the rest of your living years.

I once found myself surrounded by a dozen mermaids (give or take a few) while rafting down the Murrumbidgee River, and immediately dived underwater and and towed my kayak away. Still till today i am troubled by so many unanswered questions, why there? from where? who and how? all left unanswered because i showed such timidity. 

Still, perhaps it was for the best, for in their eyes, maybe it was i who was the beast.


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