Last Knight: Sir Ossol

After Atlantis sank and irrecoverably took European civilization to the bottom of the Atlantic, the White Book of Rhydderch tells us that Arthur gathered his knights for one last great stand against the darkness.

You have heard the bittersweet story of Camelot, Arthur, Guinevere and the problem child Lancelot. That is the wrong story. (I am not saying that Camelot and the cup didn't happen. But it is not going to happen here.)

The Welsh Chronicle tells what really happened.

Building (slowly) the novel: Last Knight

Imagining Sir Ossol

According to White Book, it is Arthur's knight Sir Ossol  who stands solely responsible for flat state of English mountains.

The brook fills from a recent storm, sending a stream of mist down the line of the water course and down the escarpment. A township was once laid out here, on top of the escarpment, along the old wool road. No one ever came. The land was too remote, too fractured, and the weather too extreme. 

And so, he roams far, deep into the valley of the waters through the ruins left by the Norse. When going hunting, it is always best to be prepared, to eat first and to expect the unanticipated. While exploring, he stops and eats a pie here and there, and thinks about what he has forgotten to bring. 


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