Playing with Light

Recently, i joined a mentorship on flash photography – using light with intent. 

I love finding light as it falls, but learning how to twist it to your own fell desires is a different sort of  magic – and, well, i have learned a couple of new spells. 

The world just outside my farm is going to hell with COVID raging – having this to focus on has helped me remain sane – and let me venture far beyond the bounds of my state’s constraint In fact, this week, as i have dusted off Gollum and a couple of old friends, i have had a smile on my face.

Index Image: Titanic in icefield. The ‘ice-field’ is a piece of glass with ice crafted from sheets of A4 paper (i now have a theory that 95% of icebergs we see on TV movies may come from waste paper bins) . The backdrop is lit by an RGB light on a large corrugated off white sheet of card. The ship is lit by two flashes – one backlighting the rigging and deck to give an impression of ice and snow. The second faintly illuminates the hull detail and colors the smoke stacks. Smoke and mist added in Photoshop. AI clear and precision contrast with a slight oil blur using Topaz.

A couple of other images created for assignments this week are below :)


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