Trail: Maroonhood Scramble (Easy, 200m, 40mins, 8m ascent)

 Maroonhoods are a greenhood orchid that grow in small colonies. They emerge erect on damp forest floor in clumps a couple of days after the first warm days of spring. The orchid tubers are a favorite food of lyrebirds - if you find roughed up ground instead of orchids, the lyrebirds got there first.

These can be hard to spot - focus on the ground, as though looking for small mushrooms - the first inkling you may have of a colony is the number of erect stems.

This short scramble follows a couple of wombat tracks up a steep slope which in early spring will be full of Pink Lady Finger Orchids and Maroonhoods. Later in the season, you will find donkey orchids.

A trace of this short but steep track is at Gaia.

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