Tallaganda Wildflowers - early Spring - 4


With the occasional break in cloud cover, the bush is starting to light up with orchids and other wildflowers.

Diuris pardina (Leopard Doubletail) come is lots of different shapes (and some i saw this morning had been cruelled by hail and storm). Hunting leopards this morning, i came across a ballet dancer.

Glossodia major (Wax Lip Orchid) showed up in a lovely shade of mauve.

A little smaller than the others, Cyanicula caerulea (Blue Fingers)

Tallaganda Wildflower Series

  1. Sept 22 - Ground zero - Heaths
  2. Sept 26 Heaths and grevilleas 
  3. Sept 28 Golden Moth Orchids
  4. October 4 Leopard Doubletail Orchids
  5. October 9 Wax Lips and daisies
  6. October 16 Greenhoods


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