High Plains, a winter blast

Pliny once remonstrated with a friend who had not sent him a letter for a while saying that, even if you have nothing to say, you can write and at least, hopefully, say that you are in good health. So I will start by affirming that I am in moderately good health. More than that, for I am very excited that my friends at Obruta Space Solutions have been accepted to the 2021 Hyperspace Challenge cohort, sponsored by the US Space Force and Air Force Research Laboratory.

But apart from that, the winter chill has damped all signs of spring.  Perhaps it is fortunate that none of us here have seen a shearer in many months. The wind has been icy.

The early green shoots of spring - Golden Moth Orchids on the high ridges and seedlings under cover - persist.


There have been some stand-offs over rumors of food rationing.

The pastures are green, and the horses are sleek.

The rock whales are breaching. 

And life, here on earth, is still good as i sit warmed by a wood fire, writing the next installments about Betty's Library and preparing the legal work for the incorporation of a major new co-operative. 


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