Tallaganda Wildflowers - early Spring - 1

 A wet, cold start to Spring has delayed the opening of many wildflowers. Only the most hardy heaths, wattles and peas are in bloom.  I have searched for the early signs of orchids, reportedly already appearing in large numbers around lower Canberra.

Bearded and bell heaths are flowering in sheltered areas.

Low ground hugging peas and Hardenbergia violacea can be found hidden in the cracks of rocks or under last seasons grasses.

Black Wattle and the more common Cootamundra Wattles are in full bloom.

Blackthorn seed pods and rose hips reminder us of past seasons.

Tallaganda Wildflower Series

  1. Sept 22 - Ground zero - Heaths
  2. Sept 26 Heaths and grevilleas 
  3. Sept 28 Golden Moth Orchids
  4. October 4 Leopard Doubletail Orchids
  5. October 9 Wax Lips and daisies
  6. October 16 Greenhoods


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