Dreams V - Plans

I place my cheek on yours, feeling a tear fall.

I whispered in your ear, “Do not cry. I am here.”

You snuffled even more at that, and I heard you again try not to blame me for everything.

I interrupted that thought, “Why do the little ones call you the Weaver?”

You bite my shoulder gently, “Painter and Weaver. Those are the names they gave us. Maybe they think of me like a spider, and I have caught you in my web. Or maybe not. Why do you need to have answers for everything?”

I said, “Because, if I do not know stuff, I will make it up, to help complete the picture.” 

I pull back from you a little, watching your eyes smiling at me. Bright eyes, without a hint of shadows. I said, “You have already made a plan.”

You pause and whisper, “I have half an idea. If things start going desperately wrong, I think I can make the world right.”

I tried, “Tell me.”

You shake your head, “I cannot. If I told you, you would try to stop me.”

[prequel DragonsEye II]


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