Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Cascades, Macquarie Pass National Park

Macquarie Pass abounds with small cascades and waterfalls. See also the nearby Rainbow Falls.

A short walk along a maintained path will get you to a 20m (60') fall into a decent pool.

Rainbow Fall

Clover Hill Road provides access to the Falls Walking Track in the Macquarie Pass National Park. There are small cascades along the Road, and the Track gives high views of the Macquarie Rivulet until it meets the creek at Rainbow Falls. Upstream there are a series of other waterfalls.

Rocks near the fall are slippery and some are fragile. Exercise extreme care.

Majors Creek Falls

Majors Creek Falls can be found in the Majors Creek State Conservation Area.

This area is not signposted and should be approached with a great deal of care.

The Majors Creek fall is a short walk from the town of Majors Creek. It races down a precipitous drop into the Araluen Valley. In total the creek's falls dance 240 m (790 feet) to the valley floor below. Only 15-20 meters of the main race from a chute fall is visible from adjoining cliff edges. Above the fall are a series of pretty pools and cascades.

While this fall was once well known (and is still well loved by the locals), the lookout for the fall is in ruins and the area is quietly fading back into the wilderness.

Majors Creek Falls

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Lowden Forest Park

In the Talaganda Forest, an old logger's camp has become a park with an operating waterwheel, old mill machinery and short walks into the nearby forest.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

(Novel) In Praise of Summer

Only we dream, 
here, in the interspaces of the world, 
but the world does not care about our dreams.

This novel is the sequel to Looking for Spring. Jemma has helped a company develop an anti-aging drug. Now she is running from the company, in the knowledge that the drug has come with a catch. Those who have taken the drug, and perhaps Jemma herself, can not distinguish between dream and reality.

This story is being written in the G+ stream, a strong collaborative space and the best place in the world to write.

You can read extracts from this story as it is being written here for free.  Short precis of those parts not included are indicated [thus].
The full story will be published in book version.
The first part of the story is available for free HERE.

An audio book and print version are in preparation

Copyright 2017 Peter Quinton 
Published by Peter Quinton