Monday, 9 April 2018

Twilight of the Gods (Graphic Novel)

Graphic Novel with the New York artist +CR Bravo

c. CR Bravo 2017

Ebook and Print versions available on Amazon

The Gods were already old when talk started of retirement. Only Zeus hung grimly to his corner of the old palace atop Mount Olympus. The others tended to avoid the place because the walk up the mountain left them gasping for air. Instead, they had drifted off, joining the diaspora to new places with the rest of their countrymen and women.

Here is the real story of the final days of the old Gods as they try to find a foothold in the modern world. The original artwork, story, audio and animations that accompanies it can be found on G+ at CR Bravo's Umbertales Collection.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Ancora Tu (Book 2) (Novel)

In the final days of the great libraries
Risks crowd around Betty's Library
And as one portal appears to close, others open.

This is the second novel dealing with Betty and her library. It is being written in G+, the best place in the world to write.

The portal on the Jenolan River

A trek along the Jenolan River below the caves and beyond the Blue Lake will take you to places unimaginable. 
If you do step through this portal, a portal of ordinary natural power, you will never be able to go back to the world you knew. Not because of magic, nor the sharp smell of herbage all around nor the gin you drank last night. 
If you must go back, you will go back to a world changed. It will be a world where the colors are faded and the shadows are darker.
Jess, Chronicles of Eliza

Friday, 30 March 2018

(Novel) Ancora Tu

The world is changing. The traditional guardians of the world are being displaced by smart phones and eBooks. In the final days of the great libraries, two very different librarians confront the future. 

In Betty's library, some of the books are awakening
In the dark of night they stalk their prey
And, as they consume other books
The stories within twist and turn
And the world starts to change

This story was started in the G+ stream, a strong collaborative space and the best place in the world to write.

This book is presently being prepared for publication. Further details here shortly.

Thursday, 15 March 2018


edn:27 Mar 18

Dark Aelf Publishing

Dark Aelf is an independent publishing label specializing in realizing social media posts into publishable eBooks and paperbacks. 

Release Information

This page contains release information about forthcoming Dark Aelf publications for the author Peter Quinton, the New York artist +CR Bravo  and the Canberra artist +Indya Canberra .

RELEASED 2017/18
1. Ancora Tu (Novel, QuintonNEW
2. Wild Waterfalls of South Eastern Australia (Exploration, Quinton)
3. Twilight of the Gods (Graphic Novel, Quinton with the New York artist +CR Bravo)
4. The Dragons Eye Dyptych (Novel, Quinton)
5. Three Wishes (Novel, Quinton)


6. The New Adventures of Vampire Girl (I) (Graphic Novel, Quinton with the New York artist +CR Bravo)
7. Catalyst (Novel, Quinton)
8. Freyja: The Seven Stories of the World (Novel, Quinton)
9. Looking for Spring (Novel, Quinton)
10. Anthology Writers and Artists of G+ Vol 2 (Anthology, various)

11. Ten Portraits (Fine Art with the Canberra artist +Indya Canberra)
12. The Letters (Novel, Quinton)
13. The Lectures - Contemporary Civil Law (Arguments, Quinton)
14. The Lectures - Customary Law (Arguments, Quinton)
15. Short Stories (Novel, Quinton illustrated by the Canberran artist +Indya Canberra)

(details of 1-6 below)