Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Old format negatives: how to get pictures from negatives

I was recently gifted a suitcase of old photographs, including some bundles of old Box Brownie negatives.

This week i learned how to process them - without any fancy equipment.

Let's start at the end with the outcome.  This is a negative i have processed. It is a picture of Blanche Edmonstone at Dubbo Park, 1919. The photo was taken by her sister, Victoria Edmonstone, with a Box Brownie 2, using Kodak 125 film.

Here are enlargements of the face (a 1/2" by 1/2" area on the negative). The first shows a focus on the surface scratches, which are then dealt with in post processing (potentially a great deal of work).

The second enlargement shows a focus just beyond the surface - giving the entire image a slight blur and removing most small scratch marks.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

(Novel) Letters

GIVE me a penny, and I will tell you a story "worth gold"... Letters inspired by Pliny the Younger.

A "work-in-progress". New letters will be added from time to time.


I like old books.There is a smell and feel about them I miss with the digital alternative.  Real books when I have time, digital when I have none.

One book, or set of books, I use more than others is Pliny's Letters. These are a series of short instructional letters covering every aspect of the life of a Roman farmer, lawyer and administrator. We have ten volumes of letters published by (the younger) Pliny (CE 61-113).  His letters make fascinating reading: one details the explosion of Vesuvius and the vain efforts of the Roman fleet to rescue those in danger.

This collection of posts is based on Pliny's letters. The posts are not 'translations' or simple attempts to rewrite his letters in modern language (although sometimes may seem the apparent outcome). Instead, in each letter i have attempted to engage with the subject raised by Pliny, explore it from a modern perspective (or, at least, my own) and, where appropriate, to attempt the same letter writing techniques employed by Pliny. As an added challenge, I have tried to make each letter a work of non-fiction - while the names remain those of Pliny's world, the adventures and thoughts are my own, and are real.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


edn:14 August 18

Dark Aelf Publishing

Fiercely Independant

Dark Aelf is an independent publishing label specializing in realizing social media posts into publishable eBooks and paperbacks.

Release Information

This page contains release information about forthcoming Dark Aelf publications for the author Peter Quinton, the New York artist +CR Bravo  and the Canberra artist +Indya Canberra .

RELEASED 2017/18
1. Looking for Spring (Novel, Quinton)
2. Catalyst (Novel, Quinton)
3. The New Adventures of Vampire Girl  (Graphic Novel, Quinton with the New York artist +CR Bravo
4. Ancora Tu (Novel, Quinton)
5. Wild Waterfalls of South Eastern Australia (Exploration, Quinton)
6. Twilight of the Gods (Graphic Novel, Quinton with the New York artist +CR Bravo)
7. The Dragons Eye Dyptych (Novel, Quinton)
8. Three Wishes (Novel, Quinton)


9. Wild Waterfalls of SE Australia, 2nd Edition  (Exploration, Quinton)
10. Freyja: The Seven Stories of the World (Novel, Quinton)

TO BE RELEASED 2018-2019
11. Ten Portraits (Fine Art with the Canberra artist +Indya Canberra)
12. The Letters (Novel, Quinton)
13. The Lectures - Contemporary Civil Law (Arguments, Quinton)
14. The Lectures - Customary Law (Arguments, Quinton)
15. Short Stories (Novel, Quinton illustrated by the Canberran artist +Indya Canberra)
16. Anthology Writers and Artists of G+ Vol 2 (Anthology, various)

(details below)

Monday, 9 April 2018

Twilight of the Gods (Graphic Novel)

Graphic Novel with the New York artist +CR Bravo

c. CR Bravo 2017

Ebook and Print versions available on Amazon

The Gods were already old when talk started of retirement. Only Zeus hung grimly to his corner of the old palace atop Mount Olympus. The others tended to avoid the place because the walk up the mountain left them gasping for air. Instead, they had drifted off, joining the diaspora to new places with the rest of their countrymen and women.

Here is the real story of the final days of the old Gods as they try to find a foothold in the modern world. The original artwork, story, audio and animations that accompanies it can be found on G+ at CR Bravo's Umbertales Collection.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Ancora Tu (Book 2) (Novel)

In the final days of the great libraries
Risks crowd around Betty's Library
And as one portal appears to close, others open.

This is the second novel dealing with Betty and her library. It is being written in G+, the best place in the world to write.

The portal on the Jenolan River

A trek along the Jenolan River below the caves and beyond the Blue Lake will take you to places unimaginable. 
If you do step through this portal, a portal of ordinary natural power, you will never be able to go back to the world you knew. Not because of magic, nor the sharp smell of herbage all around nor the gin you drank last night. 
If you must go back, you will go back to a world changed. It will be a world where the colors are faded and the shadows are darker.
Jess, Chronicles of Eliza