Thursday, 18 October 2018

Silver Cascades Victoria Creek, Grose Valley

Silver Cascades (sometimes called Victoria Cascades) is a 20m (60') tumble over layers of weathered rock.

Silver Cascades

Mares Forest Canyon, Wombeyan Karst Conservation Area

Mares Forest Canyon

Mares Forest Canyon is a wet limestone canyon normally full of small waterfalls. It is a fun, swimable, wild place. Even in drought, there remain pools of water in the canyon: crystal clear, deceptively deep and cold. When taking these shots in mid 2018, both the nearby Wombeyan Falls and the numerous smaller falls in the canyon were sleeping.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Currambene Creek Falls and Parma Creek Falls, The Falls Picnic Reserve

Currambene and Parma Creeks meet by falling into a waterhole which drains into a tidal estuary close to the Pacific Ocean. Here, the sisters have crafted an amphitheater of waterfalls, potholes and overhang caves.

When Currambene Creek Falls, light flow

Tuross Falls: Wadbilliga National Park

The Tuross River Falls is near the sunken forests of the Duea. It drops about 200m (600') and is one of the most remote falls safely accessible to bushwalkers.

Main fall

Monday, 15 October 2018

(Novel) Letters

GIVE me a penny, and I will tell you a story "worth gold".
Letters inspired by Pliny the Younger.
version 16 October

I like old books.There is a smell and feel about them I miss with the digital alternative.  Real books when I have time, digital when I have none.

This is my retelling of one of the great love stories of the ancient world - one you may not have heard. I write books for fun. If you are interested in watching a book being written, read on.