Monday, 24 July 2017


Pre-Release Information

This page contains pre-release information about three forthcoming publications:
1. Twilight of the Gods (Graphic Novel with the artist +CR Bravo)
2. The Dragons Eye Dyptych (Novel)
3. Wild Falls and Cascades of Australia (Exploration)

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1. Twilight of the Gods

c. CR Bravo 2017

The Gods were already old when talk started of retirement.

Only Zeus hung grimly to his corner of the old palace atop Mount Olympus. The others tended to avoid the place because the walk up the mountain left them gasping for air. Instead, they had drifted off, joining the diaspora to new places with the rest of their countrymen and women.

Here is the real story of the final days of the old Gods as they try to find a foothold in the modern world.

The final 180p graphic novel can be found on Amazon at:

The original artwork, story, audio and animations that accompanies it can be found on G+ at CR Bravo's Umbertales Collection at:

2. The Dragons Eye Dyptych

A braided yarn about the great war between spider and dragon kin.

You say - The dragon must be asleep by now. Go get the gold, I cannot wait any longer.
I whisper - I am not sure. I think its eyes are still a little open.

I have been telling bits of the story here and on G+ for a little while now. The story has grown to a book of 300+ pages, including line drawings and maps of the places in the story.

A sound version will be available and a film version is being considered. In the meantime, you can read the original short stories on the Dragon Eye story page HERE.

UPDATE: The 300+p story, completely rewritten, will be available on Amazon in the next few days in ebook and print form.

3. Wild Falls and Cascades of Australia

Many Australia wild falls are clustered around the Great Dividing Range from Queensland down to Victoria.

In the late nineteenth century, attempts were made to map and path some of the wild falls, but as the temper of the times changed, many of these have faded into the background.

The pre-release version of Wild Falls and Cascades of Australia is available HERE.

The completed book will be available early in the new year and will be published in both B&W and Color print on Amazon. Originally this was planned for release late this year - but a fall in Bargo Canyon during filming has delayed this a little.

In the meantime, you can follow find some of the falls in G+ HERE.

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