Flannel Falls, Bainbrig Creek, Billys Hill, Budawang

the rare pink flannel flower

Exploring Bainbrig Creek Canyon today we came across a small tributary in a side canyon that drops about 150m into the heavily crevassed northern Budawang Range. 



True to its name, these falls (dropping from a number of points along the escarpment and from within eroding siltstone) come from bogs atop the escarpment surrounded by fields of the ephemeral fire pink flannel flowers. 


The canyon itself was populated by a disturbing number of large tree spiders. Some were harder to see - including the one sitting at one of the approaches to the falls - at head height.

The walls of the canyon show signs of advanced siltstone erosion between sand/iron stone layers.


Jim said…
Those spider webs look quick sturdy. Not something I'd like to walk into thank you.
Peter Quinton said…
I don't mind carrying around a couple of the smaller spiders, but some of these were bigger than me.

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