Mitta-Mitta Basin Falls (SubAlpine Victoria)

The Mitta Mitta is a beautiful sub-alpine river which boasts a couple of undeveloped falls and long stretches of rapids.

Victoria Falls

The water flow from the alpine areas is fed from the high inaccessible mountains near the borders of New South Wales and Victoria. This stepped fall is only accessible because of a failed hydro scheme a century ago.

Here the watershed divides in radical directions, a valley here might send its waters into East Gippsland, while the valley there might send it into the northern flowing system that makes up the Mitta Mitta.

The northerly rivers cut canyons through the mountains, a keep fast running rapids bubbling through the silent hills.

Anglers Rest

The rivers here have become a magnet for kayaks - with dozens of named challenges.


Long pools of placid water alternate with fast races in this distant sub-alpine region. Downstream, the Mitta Mitta runs over long races of rapids before swelling to meet Lake Dartmouth.


Snowy & Lightning Creek Junction

The track between Omeo and the town of Mitta Mitta takes you through high mountainous passes and alongside rapids and small falls. The Snowy Creek is one of the fast flowing rapid filled water courses. At its intersection with Lightning Creek, visitors are treated to swimming in two-temperature deep pool with rapids nearby, as the two sources pour rock heated water or mountain high cooled water according to where you are in the stream.


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Author: Peter Quinton
Date Published: 2019-02-24
Date Last Revised: 2019-03-22


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