Raggeds Falls Revisited: Molonglo River Falls, Captains Flat

" Raggeds Falls" is the informal name for this waterfall, just upstream from the Molonglo River Dam at Captains Flat. My map to the falls and images of earlier visits is here. After heavy rain, the waterfall is thundering - near the base the blow from the torrent is saturated with water mist and very strong.

To get to the plunge pool, you will have to ford the normally dry front creek - watch out for the little yellow-bellied water skinks who are quite curious.

On the track to the falls, the open woodland is alive with wildflowers and orchids - including the uncommon Graceful Sun-orchid, which is here in significant numbers.

Leopard Orchids watch you from beside the track.

Musky Caps abound.

Very shy, and much harder to spot are the Purple Bearded Orchids.

There are the usual nuisance introductions - Oxalis and Broom.


You will find Hairy Vetch and Purpletop in the undergrowth.


Solander's geranium are in bloom and cut-leaved daisys love the open woodland.

Narrow-leaf bitter peas light up the bush with sprays of Pink Matchheads.

Creamy candles are flowering and small bell heaths (Daphne) vie with Guinea Flowers for attention.

Tiger Orchids are in great evidence - and are quite distinct from the Leopards (2nd image).


The Austral Bugle is just coming into flower and the flowers are attracting lots of insects and moths. 



The falls are not signposted, but have a clear track (which requires a bit of scrambling).

Map of the path to Raggeds Falls


Anonymous said…
Magnificent. I envy you. To be surrounded by such beauty. To be able to discover little hidden treasures and be in the presence of nature's roaring force and be able to experience that by yourself instead of behind a fence at the same time with hundreds of tourists... You're lucky.

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