Hell Hole Falls Revisited 2021, Parma Creek, Parma Nature Reserve, Nowra

Taking advantage of a break in the rain and lower creek flow, we revisited Hell Hole and its falls. Reduced flow (in early November 2021) let us walk along the creek from the intersection with the trail, past the first falls and on to the second falls. 

 Red bottlebrushes fringe the creek.


As before, we descended the first falls via a steep chute (left facing downstream) - a scramble but no need for ropes. 

Below the first pool you will get a great view of the falls and the overhang caves. On nearby rocks, you will find orchids - (Streaked Rock Orchid - Dendrobium striolatum).

There is an amazing variety of wildflowers, including the butterfly trigger plant and various peas and fans.


The walk between the falls was fun - exposed sandstone offers a fast passage avoiding bush tangles. Along the way were a number of small falls and pools full of tadpoles.


After walking on flat ground, the second set of falls comes as a surprise. 

It is a deep broad plunge over a deep overhang, a couple of hundred meters downstream from the first. It is difficult to get down this far when the stream is flowing fast as the path requires crossing the creek a couple of times. The second falls are 1.5 to 2 times as high than the first, and the path to the bottom (which descends via a steep fall to the left facing downstream) follows an exposed drop and requires great care. 

Along that path can be seen the remains of a small bush clearing. Is this the place walkers a couple of years back found a dope plantation? The waterfall has had some visitors over the years - the second waterfall has a dodgy looking rope hanging from the top of the falls. 



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