High Country Reborn

 High Country Reborn

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Recently, between onsets of very wet weather, we have hiked along the high ridges, fire trails and traces atop the ranges to reacquaint ourselves with the wild country after drought, fire and now flood. This has involved some remapping, building trail traces (for places that should but don't have records of walking trails) and surveying lost falls and wildlife recovery.  

Contact/Survey/Trail Details 
My wildlife surveys and identification attempts are recorded at iNaturalistAU .
Trail traces are recorded on GaiaGPS.  
Feel free to leave public comments here or write to me privately at peterwquinton@gmail.com (It may take a day or so for comments to appear or for me to get back to you - but that will happen.)


Anonymous said…
So moving. The devastating
and total destruction, and then the slow and steady emergence of new life. Tiny and fragile but determined and strong. Breathtaking beauty, wonderfully presented. Thank you.
Peter Quinton said…
Thank you - a wise person once taught me that the measure of a person's understanding of happiness is conditioned by the depths of the sadness which has befallen them.

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