RAAF Centenary Flypast: 31 March 1921 - 2021

Images from the flyover of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra to celebrate the formation of the Royal Australian Airforce.

S-70A-9 Black Hawk 

Entered service in 1988.

Second World War aircraft

Hudson, Boomerang, Harvard & Wirraway

The Hudson (right) was a 5 crew bomber in operation from 1940 until 1949. One of the initial Hudsons to arrive in Australia crashed outside Canberra killing three members of the Australian Cabinet and the Chief of the General Staff. 

The Boomerang (rear) was an Australian designed fighter in service from 1943 until 1945. It was outclassed by its Japanese opposition. 

The Harvard (yellow) was a training aircraft.

The Wirraway (white tail fin) was a trainer in operation from 1939 until 1959. 

Spitfire, Mustang & Kittyhawk

The Spitfire (two in formation: front and closest) was a fighter operated from 1942 until 1945. 

The Mustang (furthest) was a fighter-bomber operated from 1944 until 1960. 
The P-40 Kittyhawk (rear) was a fighter-bomber operated from 1941 until 1945. The Kittyhawk was decisive in the recapture of Papua New Guinea.  


The Catalina was a reconnaissance flying boat with a crew of ~10 operated from 1941 until 1952. RAAF Catalinas are remembered for their role in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

AP-3C Orion 

The Orion is a ~10 crew patrol aircraft operated from 2002.


The Neptune was a patrol aircraft operated from 1951 until 1977. 


The Dakota was a transport with a crew of three operated from 1943 until 1999. 


The Caribou was a transport operated from 1964 until 2009. 

F-35A Lightning II 

The F-35A Lightning II is a fighter powered operated since 2018.

F/A-18A Hornet 

The F/A-18A Hornet is a fighter operated since 1985.

F/A-18F Super Hornet &  EA-18G Growler

The Super Hornet is a fighter operated since 2010.


The Pilatus PC-21 is a trainer operated since 2017.

B300 King Air 350 

A utility aircraft.

C-130J Hercules 

The Hercules is a series of transport aircraft operated since 1958. 

C-27J Spartan 

The Spartan is a tactical aircraft operated since 2015.

C-17A Globemaster III 

The C-17A Globemaster III is a heavy airlifter operated since 2006.

E-7A Wedgetail 

The Wedgetail is an Early Warning aircraft operated since 2010. 

P-8A Poseidon 

The Poseidon is a surveillance aircraft operated since 2016.


The KC-30A is a tanker-transport operated since 2011.

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