Flat Rock Creek in Jerrawangala NP

After drought, fire and flood, some of the escarpment sandstone creeks have been scoured clear of the prickly bush that normally makes tramping these places a difficult proposition. 


Flat Rock Creek rises in the sandstone wilderness of Jerrawangala. before falling over the escarpment into the Parma NP, just downstream of Devil Holes Falls. Before disappearing into a tangle of small rivulets, the creek is a chain of inky pools connected by small falls and chutes: some offering complete blueprints to the higher falls a little further downstream.

Now is a time when it is possible to walk deep into the wilderness by (carefully - this is home to a couple of different snakes that enjoy resting underwater) walking along the sandstone base of these creeks. 

It hosts a nice collection of summer wildflowers and fungi. Despite the fire, you will see wallabies, wombats and, perhaps, see the paw prints of wild dogs.




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