Hibbertia (Guinea flower)

Interitus ejus gloriosum
In death, deserving of rememberance.

Here, past its prime, the flower has lost some of its defining features, but has taken on an austere beauty.

There are many varieties of Guinea Flowers to be found in the South Eastern Forests - some difficult to distinguish. I am cataloging recovering species in a dozen south eastern national parks (all life) and am trying to get my eye into the entire life cycle of some of the flowering species - i am not taking physical samples and the amount of diversity on the formerly burnt forest floor can be staggering.

The flower of the SE Australian form, in full bloom, displays 5 heart shaped yellow/orange petals. The different varieties can be distinguished by leaf and plant form but can present quite different forms and colors to the casual observer.


The scientific name comes from the English slaver George Hibbert (remembered for attacking Wilberforce in a speech entitled The Slave Trade Indispensable - and took substantial compensation from the government on the abolition of slave trade. Apologists sometimes refer to his role in encouraging the collection of exotic species from South Africa and Australia. The common name is a tip to the gold Guinea, a coin which was sometimes physically divided, and which served as currency in colonial times.

Unraveling, the flower can present quite a different color and form.


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