Late Summer Wildflowers of Two Sticks / Coree / Pabral in the northern Brindabellas / Warragong

A couple of recent expeditions to the northern Brindabella / Warragong wilderness revealed lots of late orchids and summer flowers on the higher peaks.

Scarlet Greenhood

Onion Orchid

Long Tongued Summer Greenhoods

Unsure of this one - maybe a baby long tongue.

Plus an array of other color 

Pale Vanilla Lily

Austral Stork's-bill

The usual array of daises and asters.


Austral Hound's-tongue

Common Centaury (a pest)

Digger's Speedwell

An Australian Sunskink and ant :)  I managed to get bitten by a pack of Jumping Ants - no images.


Bluebell - and a white cousin


Moth Mullein

An impossibly beautiful place, full of waterfalls and stories.

Orchid flash shots, Indya.


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