Wimmera River System

An inland system that drains the highlands of northern Victoria, and flows into lakes of the western deserts, seldom reaching the terminal Lake Albacutya. While the main system itself only drops only 220m, tributaries in the system host a surprising number of waterfalls (including the Mackenzie Falls).

Fish Falls, Mackenzie River

Silverband Falls (Dairy Creek)

A stunning silver band of water falls down a dark structured rock wall.

A short walk along Dairy Creek (which may appear dry) will bring you to the falls. The falls wax and wane with the seasons. Come with no expectations, other than you will be surprised. The road above Silverband (which offers a slightly different view), is one way - you cannot simply proceed from here to the nearby Mackenzie Falls.

Access (), Visible (), Pristine (❌), Safety (), Spectacle (): Aggregate: ✪✪✪✪

Burrong Falls (Rose River)

A stepped remote fall, full of holes.

This place has a gentle peaceful feel, wind, water and birds create a marvelous surround.  While the track to the falls on Rose Creek is short, it is unformed in parts, and the road to the trail is steep and unforgiving when wet. Watch out for emus on the road.

Access (), Visible (), Pristine (), Safety (), Spectacle (): Aggregate: ✪✪

Beehive Falls (Mud Hut Creek, Mt Difficult trail)

An uphill 1.4km walk along a well formed path leads to a cleft with a small waterfall that empties into a pool.

The location has overhangs, spectacular views and the path to Mt Difficult continues up the side of the fall. After rain in spring, there is a spectacular array of flowers.



Access (), Visible (), Pristine (❌), Safety (), Spectacle (): Aggregate: ✪✪

Splitters Falls (Gulf Stream)

A short walk with a couple of metal ladders and some signage confusion will eventually lead you through a canyon to Splitters Falls.

In Spring there is a dazzling array of wildflowers, but summer's heat or winter's cold will make the path treacherous. The real beauty here is the journey, not the destination.



Access (), Visible (), Pristine (❌), Safety (), Spectacle (): Aggregate: ✪✪

*** This page is under development. More falls will be added shortly.

Note on rating system: 

The rating system has been developed for SE Australian Waterfalls by weighing 5 different qualities, namely Access, Visible, Pristine, Safety, and Spectacle. These are presented unaggregated and aggregated in a single result out of 5. Most falls look good when running but arriving at a running fall is in the lap of the gods, so the quality 'Spectacle' is determined irrespective of flow. All waterfalls are unsafe. If you go to a fall, be prepared (slips, snakes, sun, spiders, and edges).

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Author: Peter Quinton
Date Published: 2019-02-24
Date Last Revised: 2019-03-22


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