Australian Trigger Plant – Stylidium

A novelty to watch for in late spring rambles along the cliff edges of the Blue Mountains (preferably when they are not on fire) is Stylidium - one of the fastest moving plants.

From the throat of each flower rises a trigger, which moves in an arc to hit an insect probing the flower. The trigger either adds or takes pollen from an insect and the trigger then slowly moves back into position.

In the first image, you can see three triggers. The bottom left has recently triggered and is starting to move back into position. The central right is primed and ready to swipe an insect. The top center is opening, and the trigger is taking shape for the first time.

Images: 2 weeks ago, hiking St Michaels Falls. (7 hand held, focus stacked – when hiking with the Central West Bushwalker Club – a nice bunch of people – i lose 10 meters each shot i take, so this was a 70 meter penalty shot).


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