Visions of the Never Never

Never-Never is a term that was used from the mid 1800's by men and women living on isolated Australian sheep stations. Those near the desert described it in terms of the illusion that extreme heat and dust can create on the horizon, and which can drive people mad. Those in mountainous badlands described it in terms of the lack of water, or its over abundance.

Today, marketing executives and travel agents market the term as a real location somewhere near the center of Australia: another form of madness.

Glen Alice, Capertee, New South Wales

Scottish colonials made this place home. They rewrote the map of this isolated community in New South Wales.
The walls that tower around Glen Alice in the Capertee Valley form the second largest canyon in the world. Unlike the smaller US Grand Canyon, this canyon floor is covered by sheep and cattle farms, all now threatening to blow away in the dry dust storms.

Pink Lake, Little Desert, Victoria (near South Australian border)

Nyngan, Western Plains, New South Wales


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