Parma / Currambene Confluence Falls in flood

The confluence of the Parma and Currambene Creeks results in an amphitheater fall which is quite unique. While worth exploring in dry or wet weather, the sister falls are usually quite accessible. Recently, heavy flooding in both creeks made the falls here, and upstream, quite dangerous. I quickly gave up any attempt to photograph - and instead returned a couple of times over the following week as the streams started to subside.


Parma in flood

The floods/dry images immediately above show the same rock (right, on shelf, in the above picture). The images show the rock under a fair amount of water - the pool seems to have risen 1-2 meters, inundating the rock shelf cave, and the stream spread over the entire lower basement of the upper creek. The below images shows the creek after heavy rain - when it was impossible to safely get an image of the same area. 

Looking upstream, Parma

Looking downstream to the falls, which are almost totally engulfed by flood water, Parma

Looking upstream a couple of days later, as the Parma started to subside


The floods/dry images immediately above show the Currambene from roughly the same position.

Flooding led to me finding a new place to view the falls - although from a distance.  The main road to Nowra across the Currambene has a small disused pull-in for cars immediately after the bridge from where you can access a pedestrian crossing over the bridge. Here a long view of the falls may be had. This is a very busy road, and great care needs to be taken to access this location. There is a nearby school, and watch should be taken for children in the area.


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