Quodlibet: Pilot Episode in Production

 Shooting has now started.

The town is complete and yoked to a purpose-built sun/weather system that gives me soft misty light for the cameras. The last of the crucks and the wall-crofts have been added, and the sand square undercrofts stocked with produce for sale. The chimneys have been fired up, flocks of birds found, the Damyot has been flooded, wind blows, rain has started to fall, and the stars come out. Voice/facial animations are now being recorded and mixed with full body animations. The first of the large crowd montages are being compiled of monastery and festival scenes using reiterative techniques. The next week will be consumed with body rigs and animations - and settling the fantasia composed as a background score - a composition for harp and drums.


Jim said…
Sounds like you are on a roll Peter!
Peter Quinton said…
Hi Jim
Hope you are enjoying your summer.
Getting to this point has been a steep learning curve - but the last couple of days have seen some serious improvements in animation and quality of output. In addition to a longish pilot for this year, I am starting to shoot a dozen or more short films for local festivals.

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