Gillindich Nature Reserve

In the hills south of Tuena, along Junction Point Road, is Gillindich Nature Reserve (1225h).  Like Nuggerty Nature Reserve, this is one of the Crookwell Reserves historically associated with gold mining and fossicking. 

The reserve has a moderately tall dry tablelands forest (Eucalyptus macrorhyncha (red stringybark), E.dives (peppermint), E. mannifera (brittle gum)) with poa undergrowth. Dry creeks drain into Tuena Creek as part of the Lachlan catchment. There are some roads into the reserve, with a trail to a small dam. Some of the Reserve trees are First People scarred trees (dendroglyphs). There are also open mine shafts (which may be water-filled) and at least one rubbish dump (near the north west boundary).

The reserve is home to peas (Hovea heterophylla) and a small number of orchids, such as Caladenia ustulata (Brown caps orchid). Orchids were found growing from within tussocks.

Termite mounds dot the landscape.


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