Air and Water

When the ocean and wind blown air kiss the earth this time each year, good things happen.

Small clinging rock orchids, on rain forest rock shelves, Tianjara, a quiet harbinger of the future.


Julianne said…
A lovely intro to a very sweet little flower.
Peter Quinton said…
Thanks Julianne
These small clinging rock orchids are a joy to come across, but it is frightening to think how quickly climate change is altering the environments in which they can survive.
A CSIRO study of coastal orchids provided a red flag to the possibility of change back in 2017, and provides interesting insights into the survival of these amazing plants.
Peter Quinton said…
The CSIRO study is at
Eleftheria said…
I've never seen rock orchids's a wonderful sight.
Peter Quinton said…
Thanks lefti
I was surprised by the apparent number of these - but then it hot me that they only colonized the one face of each rock - they are so sensitive to climate.
ARC said…
They look really tiny - is that the case?
So delicate and perfectly formed.

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