Forgotten Worlds: The Old Port, 1538


The Keep, King John's Quarters, town and castle hill walls, St Mary's Church, the central sewer, town and castle moats are in place. Port facilities and the town's road system are now complete but need to be supplemented by a toll house, repair facilities, and a multitude of fishery industries (from rope making to herring barrels). A closer inspection of town buildings is underway, and  assets  (with a multitude of chimneys) are being built to take the places of basic representations which are helping to bulk out the town to identify placement with a little more precision.

While work is progressing on this recreation of the physical assets of the town, we are also taking a deep dive back into the music of the 13th century - plain song compositions from local fairs have been tracked down through the literature, and are being paired with new counterpoint and polyphony.

The process of building in Unreal Engine is reiterative and complex - looking back on some of my early attempts are a  bit of a shock :)


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