Wolf Boy was talking to Candy and Soda. They were discussing money. 

Candy and Soda was serious, "Well, how do you get by? Just running dogs for folk in the park - that can't be so much money. I do know you get lots of dogs but that still can't be enough."

Wolf Boy said, "It doesn't cost that much if you have digs to crash in. I sometimes stay with friends on a couch. Other times I live back home with mum." He paused, wondering how that might sound then added, "She doesn't mind." Then he looked a little defensively, "I want to get out. I want to be independent."

Candy and Soda stretched, "You don't want to sleep rough." 

She gave a long sleepy yawn and thought of her own sleeping places, underground, under the park and in the depths of the abandoned churches with the homeless like Randal and his buddies. She remembered her hesitation when filling forms at the hospital, and which empty park bench her bill might be sent to.


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