Scarborough: 1264

Almost a year on from our first efforts in landscape design (during a short break in filming interior scenes for the first couple of episodes), a more refined landscape has taken shape, using projections of drainage flow maps and arial photography. Here are a series of photos looking from the common towards Castle Rock on 9 August 1264 (6:45am, midday and 6:17pm). 

After gleaning half of the harvest fields, the town's 8-ox carruca heavy ploughs have started to turn the ground (a furlong, 200m, at a time) for an attempt at a winter crop. On smaller allotments (the 15acre oxgang or 30 acre virgate), a single or double yoked team might be found scratching the soil.

Meanwhile, there is a winter crop to put in, black-faced sheep to herd and letters to script.

And in one of the old Roman villas (I imagine up coast) yet to be plundered for stone, our ensemble is practicing tomorrow's lines.


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