Recreating the town of Scarborough, Yorkshire: Post 8: Turning basic geometry into realistic sets


Having created the basic geometry for the early/high medieval buildings of Scarborough, time has come to convert them from basic geometry into believable buildings. Above is a short clip showing how a '2-bay Cruck'  is being given aged oak frames, window shutters and a door and partly eroded plaster walls.

The process is a little different for each geometric shape. Basically, model details are exported to Photoshop where 3D surfaces (at 3 different quality levels to match different cinematic objectives) are built to match to underlying model (and, in the case of buildings like this one, where there are many in the town, lots of different 'skins' that can be applied to houses). The surface details are then imported back into the Unreal Engine and projected onto the model geometry, scaled and offset and then baked. 


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